MDPen Products

The MDPen treatment uses a micro-needling process on the skin to encourage collagen and elastin production. The channels that are created by micro-needling also enable the skin to absorb topical products that are applied.

MDPen manufactures a line of custom skincare products to treat a various conditions and to lengthen the life of your MDPen procedure.

Use Daily and Boost Your Results

Our skincare experts will determine a treatment plan for you based upon your skin type and personal concerns. Using the MDPen products post-treatment and daily, at home, will help extend the time between treatments in-office and prolong the results you see. After your MDPen procedure, use these products at home, morning and night:

  • MDPen Copper + HA Mist contains hyaluronic acid and copper peptides that both hydrate and promote collagen and elastin production in skin cells. This is great to use immediately after your procedure and at home.
  • MDPen Cellular Renewal Serum contains natural, botanical elements that help with acne, cellulite, scars, uneven tone and dull complexion.
  • MDPen Tighten + Lift Serum is ideal for those wanting firm and lifted skin. This serum contains sweet almond seed extract which helps to combat wrinkles, fine lines, and poor texture.
  • Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a polymer that holds in moisture. Keeping skin hydrated and nourished will help restore tightness and improve its condition.

Contact the Skincare Experts about MDPen Products

Our skincare experts can help you treat and prevent skin damage at Ederra Bella. To learn more about micro-needling, or MDPen and their products, schedule a consultation using our online contact form, or call the office at (678) 325-0006.